Most Common Sexual Health Problems

Although there are some exceptions, some rare cases, but besides that, poor sexual health problems are quite common.

Erectile Dysfunction, Erection related problems, inability to control ejaculation, loss of libido and impotency are the most common. Will Erection On Demand help us combat these problems? Let’s see if Erection On Demand can help rectify these conditions.

Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile Dysfunction is primarily caused due to lack of adequate blood supply towards the penis. When penis does not receive enough blood, less number of penile tissues are activated, which causes a limp/inadequate erection. To remedy this situation, we need to improve blood circulation towards sexual organs. Erection On Demand’s ingredients and exercises promote blood circulation towards penis, thus taking care of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Other Erection Related Problems: Limp erection is also caused due to lack of sensitivity. Especially in circumcised penis, lack of sensitivity is common as most of sensation is present in the skin near top of the penis. Due to lack of sensitivity, we lose erection pretty fast causing poor and unsatisfactory sexual activities. Erection On Demand’s “Boner Brew” helps improve sensitivity near and on penis and thus keeps more blood flowing through our penis and sexual organs. Also, some of the exercises are especially dedicated towards improving sensitivity and regular practice of these exercises will make a huge difference in your sexual endeavours.

Inability To Control Ejaculation: Premature Ejaculation or Involuntary Ejaculation is caused due to lack of control over ejaculatory mechanism. Dues to less blood flow, fewer muscle tissues are activated, which causes less control over ejaculation, thus early climax and involuntary climax. When blood flow improves, more muscle tissues are activated and this causes maximum recruitment of cells and tissues improving control over ejaculation and thus improving time to climax. Erection On Demand’s brew and exercises improve blood flow towards penis in a very safe and steady manner, which helps in avoiding any side effect.

Drop In Libido: Drop in libido may have many causes. Often, drop in testosterone levels can cause lack of sexual desires. With age, testosterone levels drop and cause various health problems, along with sexual health problems. Loss of muscle mass, strength, bone density and chronic fatigue are some of the effects of poor testosterone levels. To improve testosterone levels, you must consider a proper diet plan and exercise routine.

Common Sexual Health Problems

Impotency: Many relationships end because their partner is unable to provide them with an offspring. It is very important to some couples, especially married ones. Being unable to reproduce does not only affect relationships, but also mental health. Men who want to reproduce but find it difficult, feel insecure and have low self-esteem. Improving fertility can be a long process and is mainly due to low levels of hormones and essential enzymes. Initial steps should include a good diet plan and exercise routine that will get rid of roxins from the body, elevate hormone levels and decrease stress. Complementing these changes with a sexual health improving program like Erection On Demand will accelerate progress.

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Erect On Demand

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